We aim to perform as well as we can in our chosen sport, and at the same time have fun, meet new people and enjoy the special attributes Calisthenics offers.

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Competition Results

S&K Solo Competition
26 - 28 May 2017

 Congratulations to all our soloist who competed at the S&K Solo Competition in Mt Gambier, well done!

12 Year Calisthenic Novice
Olivia McFarlane HM

14 Year Calisthenic Novice
Monique Kinsman 3rd
Monique Gellatly HM

16 Year Calisthenic Novice
Rachelle Ough 3rd

16 Year Calisthenic Open Reserve
Neve Lawson HM
Sarah McFarlane HC

18 Year Calisthenic Open Reserve 
Larni Hermans 2nd

18 Year Calisthenic Open
Ester Craig HM

14 year Graceful Novice
Monique Kinsman HM

16 Year Graceful Novice
Neve Lawson 2nd
Sarah McFarlane HC

16 Year Graceful Open Reserve
Rachelle Ough 3rd

18 Year Graceful Novice
Lauren Walter 3rd
Kaitlyn Gebert HC

18 Year Graceful Open Reserve
Larni Hermans 1st
Esther Craig 2nd



June News

What's coming up

The Mt Gambier Eisteddfod for Soloists will be the next Competition for our Club.  This will be held from the 21 to 23 July 2017.

 The teams are busy preparing to attend the Westside (excl. Sub Juniors), Barwon, Royal South Street and CVI Competitions.


Horsham Competition

The Annual Horsham Calisthenics Competition will be held from Friday 25 August and will conclude on Sunday 27 August 2017.

It will be held at the Horsham Town Hall.  All members of the public are welcome to attend.


Our Coaches

Amy Rohdes
Dianne Walter
Kylie Hermans
Erin McFadden
Larni Hermans

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